What IS Fake News?

Suddenly, everyone’s an expert on it. But what does it mean?



The “Fake News” phenomenon has reached it’s tipping point.

I don’t even remember who first started using the term. I think the Democrats after the election, right? Claiming that click-bait ads disguised as news stories successfully manipulated enough voters in every swing state to go against their best interests and hop on the Trump-Train.


It doesn’t really matter, at this point. Donald Trump has successfully commandeered it, much to the delight of this constituent. The Leftist media has yet to recognize this (yes Fox News Channel, that includes you!). They are clinging to the idea that “Fake News” simply means an incorrect report. Ironic, considering their refusal to accept responsibility when their own reports are inaccurate.


But lately I’ve noticed increasing confusion about what Fake News actually is. Is it nothing more than an intentionally inaccurate report? Do the vast array of folks that use it all mean to say the same thing? No, and no, to both questions.


I’m going to explain to you what Conservatives and Donald Trump

(NOT the same thing!) mean when we say “Fake News.”


Our claim has little to do with facts reported, dates, times, quotes being inaccurate. It really doesn’t. What Fake News is about is the clear intent of Leftist journalists to frame everything they report around their bias.

“B-b-but Fox News! Breitbart!” you’re beginning to stammer. I’ll stop you right there. We know these companies have right leaning bias. Everybody does. They don’t hide it, and that’s why it’s not fake. The unique qualifier of our definition (which also confirms it) is that virtually every Leftist news organization pushes their extreme bias WHILE CLAIMING there is no bias!


Perfect Example: CNN’s Jim Acosta beginning his question in last Thursday’s presser-heard-’round-the-world by saying “For the record, we don’t hate you. I don’t hate you…” That’s obviously a lie! Considering his transparent opinions in all of his work concerning Trump, Acosta definitely hates him. Same goes for the rest of MSM.

It’s my view that the Left’s reasoning for doing this stems from the deeply-rooted idea that everyone outside their world of academia (we Conservatives, in their view) are brainless, bumbling buffoons. That we’ll blindly accept whatever we’re fed. And they sure better, or else! Conservatives, to the Left, obviously can’t know what’s in the country’s best interest. Only the elite know that. It sounds an awful lot like treatment of an infant, no?


Here’s the thing, elite Washington insiders: contrary to your belief, the average, everyday American IS in fact capable of making decisions without your help. Yet you continue to present your bias as though you’re so enlightened you’re INCAPABLE of having a bias. Your blatant ignorance of our basic human competence is why we reject you.


It’s that disingenuous, deceitful attempt by the media to appear objective. That presentation is dishonest. That presentation is fake.


That’s Fake News.



29 year old musician-turned-podcaster, Conservative thinker, and truth seeker. Also single, ladies...si-i-ingle. ;)

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