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Free music? Yes Please!


Ok, so it’s not all free. Sorry, #FAKEnews, I know. Don’t worry, I didn’t fib too much.


Allow me to back up a wee bit. Anyone who knows me has, up until June 16th, 2015, primarily known me as a musician. I’ve been playing, performing, and writing music for as long as I can remember. It’s pretty much an involuntary action, at this point. I began playing bass guitar around 2001 when my older brother introduced me to Rage Against The Machine’s “Take tha Power Back”. That power-funk, rock-solid, slap-bass-line invaded my whole 13-year-old consciousness. Growing up amidst precisely zero Rock & Roll, I was hooked. Anything with loud drums, electric guitars, and a strong dash of attitude was to be consumed at a rabid pace.

*Not at all blind to the irony that pro-Communist RATM was responsible for inspiring a Constitutionalist to pursue music, but come ON! Rage is just SO badass, I’ll give ’em a pass on their abhorrent societal prescriptions.


In the decade-and-a-half since that day, 100% of my focus was directed towards achieving musical excellence. It wasn’t fame I sought, but rather impact. If I could facilitate the positive impact Rage had on me for anybody else, I’d think, life just may be worth living after all.


Not to dive into too much detail, but bands were started, songs were written, skills were developed. Different instruments began to present themselves as challenges – most notably drums. I ended up majoring in Music Performance for Percussion at the Fredonia School of Music in Western New York.

*I added a business major my junior year, then dropped Performance just in time to NOT have to plan my junior+senior recitals (which any music major can tell you, are prolonged periods of insane stress, with no time to maintain any sort of respectable GPA).

There was no time for such trivial things. After all, I was playing in an awesome band that had done some commendable work building a fan base, booking tours, but most importantly to me: writing good, original Rock music. Besides, I only chose to study music in college under the impression that one could (or even should) simply “be” what they wanted in life ONLY IF they had a degree in what they were passionate about. Stupid. Where on EARTH could I have gotten that idea? LOLZ!


As so often occurs in the music world, however, this invigorating perspective was blown to bits by a little something called the real world. It turns out that promotion becomes a lot more complicated when there isn’t a built-in and relatively captive audience surrounding you. While the music always continued on and got better post-graduation, success of projects waned. It became clear that progress in music today is achieved through strengths in one’s marketing abilities, rather than musical competence. I have like negative-forty-two marketing abilities. 


Successful musicians are able to overcome these obstacles. I give them the utmost kudos. The entertainment industry being extremely volatile, failures (my fault or not) discouraged me to the point of quitting my once-gilded mission altogether. I never stopped playing and writing, but numerous defeats left me discouraged beyond belief. Depression, cynicism, and (most frighteningly!) my weight all increased dramatically while motivation disappeared. I’d all but given up hope on becoming successful in any creative pursuit whatsoever.


Then came Donald J. Trump’s Presidential Campaign.


Not to say Trump had any tangible effect on my music. Rather, to see and experience his campaign and what it represented unfold in real time reawakened an energy I’d come to think was lost. A creative energy, one that inspired me to build this website and start this podcast. After taking a break to decide what I really wanted for TNP, I see it a disservice to myself to exclude the field I’m most well-versed in: Original Music.


I’M HAPPY TO SAY I’ve found a second wind (or perhaps its the 3rd or 4th. Who knows, maybe it’s my first BIG wind!). Virtually all the music I’m a part of (and thus is a part of me) was just sitting around un-facilitated, unheard for years. But now, for your enjoyment (and my satisfaction), I’ve rounded up every significant recording I’ve been privileged to appear on between 2006-2016 and put them together in one place.

Meaning now, for the first time ever…



YOU can download my entire discography (77 songs!**) – for ONLY $10!!


The collection totals 9 separate projects. Most are solo works, but I’ve also included music I’m quite proud to have participated in from past bands. All – I repeat, ALL my music can be streamed free of charge right HERE, where you can also read about each project to get an idea of where I was “at” when I made them.


However, I’ve also learned that projects like TNP are not without cost – primarily time, but also money. I quit a dead-end bartending job to give myself the time for TNP, but there was still that other pesky issue to deal with. While I’ve supported some myself, I’ve never felt comfortable with the idea of a Kickstarter/Gofundme/Patreon-type fundraising – especially with no tangible product to offer in return. That’s why, while my music will always be free to stream, I’ve decided to charge a minuscule price to buy and own my personally composed albums and songs.


If you’d like these high-quality files for your iPod or other music device, it’s pretty darn simple. Within any album on my BandCamp page, simply click “Buy Whole Discography for $10!” and enter “$10” in the name-your-price area. While you’ll save $5 on the bundle this way, you can also download individual albums/songs. The 5 solo releases are $3 each. The other 4 releases (from Respect Mother, Longitude, Balto, & The Swinging Field), however, can be downloaded for FREE* (but seriously, why not save $5 AND support TNP by buying the whole thing?! It’s SO EASY!)!


I hope you get the chance to listen to and own this music which has meant so much to me over the years. Some of it’s great, some of it’s good, some of it I have no idea what I was thinking (we were all freshman once, right?!)! But for better or worse, it’s all here, and I’d love for it to be YOURS! Hear it, share it, let me know if you like the good songs, enjoy making fun of the bad songs! I greatly appreciate anyone taking time to listen and support this creative journey I’ve been on. I pledge to continue to produce and incorporate (not only BRILLIANT political analysis, but…) NEW ORIGINAL MUSIC on The Neighborhood Podcast.



– Bogme

*as to not profit from other bandmates’ work – this music has been available for free since disbandment.
**some songs available only as bonus tracks upon purchase!


29 year old musician-turned-podcaster, Conservative thinker, and truth seeker. Also single, ;)

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