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For as long as I can remember (yes, even longer than my obsession with politics!), I’ve been writing music. Whether it be constructing a 1st grade melody to help remember the Solar System or composing/directing pieces for orchestra – heard at the end of “Where to?” from “Gates” – the desire to create something from nothing in the form of music is largely responsible for the different paths I’ve taken in life.

One thing that never came naturally to me, however, was marketing that music. As a result, most songs I’d written haven’t ever been heard by but the handful of people around when I made it. I find tremendous satisfaction in being able to share with the world my entire collection of recorded music from 2006-2016 – nine albums/EPs with genre’s ranging from grunge–>acoustic–>pop (I’ve always just considered all those “Rock”!). Some of it’s great, some of it’s good, some of it I wonder what I was thinking. Had I not yet learned you can do more than one take?! But for better or worse, it’s all a part of me.

Each album by yours truly is on sale for about $3 apiece – JUST $3! – ORRRRR save 5 bucks and get my entire discography for just $10! That’s like 70 songs (may/may not contain multiple BONUS tracks)! I hope you find yourself able to enjoy my decade of work and feel good about supporting the podcast and other new creative content in the future! Thanks, world!

– bogme

P.S. As for you George Costanzas out there, all songs will always be available for free streaming at BandCamp & right below! 

*Music by now-defunct bands I played in is 100% FREE! I wish to squelch any impression that I seek to capitalize off former bandmates – it has been available for free DL for years.

“Random Singles” is an ever-growing mix of songs I never released on official collections. This is where I’ll post my NEWEST songs, as they come!

 Recommended Track: “Oh, Hillary”Written & recorded the day Jim Comey called the press conference to let Hillary Rotten Clinton off the hook. A…different kind of political song…(emo?)

*“Elway” by Half & Half is free, as it is not a song I wrote.

“It Starts With You” is an EP from a band I formed called Johan Is Falling in 2016. It was recorded entirely on a 16gb iPad in the jungles of Pūpūkea on the magical North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Three glorious, stinky dogs may or may not have assisted.

 Recommended Track: “Counterproductive (ft. Barack Obama)” – A song about self-sabotage and drinking too much gin.

Recorded in gorgeous Studio A above, around, inside Rosch Recital Hall at the Fredonia School of Music, “Gates” is my proudest and most complete project. All tracks were recorded in one 36-hour lock-in session.
Recommended Track: “Stereo Riot” – A song of necessary chaos to precede order.

*Four tracks + one producer missing.

***5 BONUS TRACKS w/ DL!***

Respect Mother was a band I had the idea for in ’08, but the idea was so stupid I couldn’t corral enough idiots to join me ’til ’09. Our mission (and only rule): Play as loud and as fast and as influenced as possible. Don’t mind the ridiculous title / lyrics / everything.

*Side Note: most fun ever…

 Recommended Track: “Rotting Hottie” – What feminism does –            to feminism.

This far-too-long-of-a-name album was my second collection of solo acoustic-ish songs. Full of harmonies and hopelessness, these 2008 songs (unintentionally) embodied changes not only in my life, but in much of America.

*Interesting fact about the title: turned out not to be true*

 Recommended Track: “The Passing of Ramona Meeks” – Seasons change, things die, come back again.


“…and Friends” is my very first album of solo acoustic/experimental compositions. The title refers to those making guest appearances. With confused emotions ranging from maniacal melancholy to hopeful jubilation, most tracks were done in one take.

*prolly shoulda tried a couple more…

 Recommended Track: “As They Listen And Move (ft. Becca Ryskalczyk)” – This collaboration (sadly) never happened again.

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Now for the “freebies.” Below are three bands I co-founded wayyy back in the day, but make no mistake! Though I placed them at the bottom of the page, don’t assume the music is of any less quality – in many ways, the Longitude and Balto releases are in fact BETTER than anything else I’ve done. Again, the downloads have been free for years, and I don’t want any former bandmates thinking I tried to pull a fast one on ’em! Enjoy the “freebies!”

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The Swinging Field