Welcome to The Neighborhood Podcast!

So nice of you to visit! The Neighborhood Podcast is a community I started for people to find and contribute no-nonsense ideas and thoughts on what is going on in the world. But…who am I?


My name is Chris, but my friends call me Bogme (w/ a long “O”…don’t ask). I’m a lifelong (ex-?) musician who has always held a strong interest in politics. My Conservative views have never been a secret, though the campaign + election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States was the first time they’d ever been used to attack me personally. The amount of friends I lost in ’15-’16 was staggering. What surprised me more than just losing “friends”, however, was the driving cause of this behavior, and how it had become a prevalent trend nation-wide.

Why was this happening, and why now?

This podcast+blog is an attempt to understand potential answers to this question. I call it “The Neighborhood Podcast” to emulate the fading cultural atmosphere I (and millions of others) grew up in. One of peace, prosperity, and a safe neighborhood community where – in the not-so-distant past – people generally recognized the importance of being good neighbors to one another, regardless of their political views. 


An ever-evolving project, I invite anyone willing to engage in CIVIL discussions about anything – politics, culture, philosophy, art, news – anything at all, to join the discussion. As long as we establish a reciprocated level of respect, I see no reason anyone wouldn’t want to participate in the free exchange of ideas. So agree or disagree, speak up! You will NOT be silenced – at least, not in this neighborhood.


– Bogme