Did Obama Just ADMIT We DON’T Need The Paris Climate Accord?!

Another day, another promise fulfilled.


If you watch the news these days, chances are it’s from the basement on your handheld ‘82 Sony Watchman, eating dehydrated survival cheese, a dusty “Red Dawn” Swayze poster watching over what are surely to be your final days before Putin orders Trump to order Putin to order the Tsar Bomb to land directly on the family cat you left upstairs [no time to save her!]…


If you happen to have a job, however, I bet things are pretty swell, as of late. You’re probably not watching the news, and are most likely getting actual world updates from your (at least) 3 friends who frequent Infowars. Amen.


The Trump Presidency sure has its effects on Americans, and I’ve got a feeling Daddy's Paris Climate Withdrawl (w/e that means) was a doozy we’ll be talking about for awhile. There’s something about the Left’s religiously-militant/anti-religious idea of "Science™" that not only bewilders, but also amuses this honest-religious-participant's internal funny-bone to its core. Democrats haven’t realized they’ve become the punch-line yet. Good. The longer they don’t, the funnier it becomes.


Mr. Trump, Thank you. We’ve not yet grown tired of winning. Keep it coming.


Now, I could continue by (again) explaining that calling climate change a “hoax” refers to the policy, not the phenomenon. I could justify every single reasonable objection to this particular treaty, and if I were to do that, I'd probably point out that even the strongest supporters/UN architects of this Paris agreement admit it wouldn't amount to ANY significant net positive for the environment (or for any of us scumbags who live in it) – and that’s in a best-case scenario.

I could even mention that despite the climate having been constantly dynamic since the beginning of time, gradual atmospheric change is largely inconsequential when considering the (irrefutable) frequency of cosmic impacts Earth has sustained, the strong fossil evidence of populations being wiped out instantly by those impacts, or the shocking reality that structures [irrefutably] built by ancient civilizations BEFORE our recorded history were buried intentionally.

*I could even point out, ironically, that while this information renders humans even less consequential in the grand scheme of the universe than Scientific™-Left so self-righteously claims (but from the narcissistic notion that we humans cause this & ALL the bad things EVER, clearly doesn't actually believe), simultaneously, the notion that a human civilization whose existence we were unaware of for all our existence knew enough about cosmic events to accurately preserve their discoveries for millennia in spite of their impending doom, EXPONENTIALLY ELEVATES the true importance of our species.*


But I won’t be doing any of that. Crowder made a 100% convincing case in his video, and the saga of Hancock/Carlson JRE-podcasts contains enough scientific (note: not “Scientific ™”) evidence and information to cause Bill Nye to finally snap and become the Grandmother he always knew he could be.


The “climate-change debate” doesn’t strike me as particularly useful, since the Left isn’t listening anyway. They don’t actually want to debate. That’d take actual work and thought, which would leave less time to play “The-Walking-Dead-Survivor-Bunch” in the basement whining “Russia Russia RUSSIA!” (you know some wannabe-hipster “producer” [probably named "Dillon"] will be green-lighting that 1-season mash-up disaster any second now).


Want to know how I know they’re not listening? Take a look at Elon Musk - the Left’s faux-entrepreneur Golden Boy. We all remember how righteous Mr. Musk (sounds like a backwoods male stripper) was when he joined Trump’s economic advisory team, right? Many praised the Tesla/SpaceX mogul for being so big as to reach across the aisle to have a dialogue with his side’s mortal enemy. What a courageous demonstration of open-mindedness!


Not so fast. It looks like Musk is only willing to converse with the other side when they…aren’t…the other side (when they disagree with him). He quit the team upon Trump’s announcement of our withdrawal from the Great Globalist Deception. He struck out in the first inning, and rather than be a good sport for the whole game - where he could potentially become the hero in the bottom of the 9th! -  he took his balls 'n bat 'n went home, sourpuss intact. Maybe he thinks “advisor” means “President”. Sorry Elon, just because you give someone advice doesn't mean they have to take it. I know it hurts your tiny wittle feewings, but wouldn't you command more respect from Trump (one of the things he values greatly) if you stayed on the team, continuing to...

"...provide feedback on issues that I think are important for the country and the world..”

...like you said you would? In spite of your known disagreements? Those issues you find important for the country AND the world, are they now less important than your ego? Call me a *rac-sex-misogyn-islama-homo-xeno-phobe-ist*, but that seems like the professional, dignified approach. Just a thought.


Whatever virtue-signaling capital Musk gained from the left with his hissy fit, it could end up costing him. Considering Tesla's stock went up $2 Billion when he joined the team in January, what happens next could be interesting. Was the posturing tantrum worth $2BiLLz?! I doubt it. Poor wittle guy! He'll be back.

*Favorite thing about that article? The headline's quote: “Climate Change is real.”.....WOW! No way! Thanks Elon, I’ll change my mind thnx 2 ur BOMBSHELL info right away!*



BUT THE CRÈMÈ de la CRÈMÈ of hypocritical idiocy post-withdrawal comes from the one, the only, Barack Harold Obama. It’s Harold, right? Maybe Hank? Either way, Check out what HE said (because we were just SO TERRIBLY deprived of his genius and wit since his last public admonishment of our beloved country and entire…last week…ago...) in a statement on the glorious announcement:


“But even in the absence of American leadership;

even as this Administration joins a small handful of nations that reject the future,

I’m confident that our states, cities, and businesses

will step up and do even more to lead the way,

and help protect for future generations the one planet we’ve got.

B.H. Obama, 6/1/17




Does Obama have any idea that he just made like 50% of ALL the arguments against ALL government “solutions”? That argument being one of pragmatism, backed by undisputed evidence that the freest (nuthin’s perfect) market to ever exist in our age is SOLELY responsible for hundreds of millions of people pulling themselves out of poverty, saving an incalculably greater number of lives, raising the standard of living for an unfathomably greater amount of human beings worldwide than ANY government even pretends to be able to do?! Does he even realize?

*Reality Sidebar* Governments have a proven adverse affect on human lives*



This surprisingly accurate comment from such an unsurprising failure of humanity raises even more questions, of even greater consequence:


If you’re so confident, Barry, that States & private groups will "step up" to "lead the way" protecting our planet... 

 WHY did we even need a deal in the first place?!

WHY do we need the EPA at all, for that matter? The FDA?

 WHY did we need to “fundamentally transform” our society?

and the most infuriating...


WHY  did we need YOU  at all?



We didn’t, and we don’t. Conservatives and liberty-loving philosophers have been making this point for decades – heck, centuries – to closed ears. Though he may not see what he just admitted through the hazy muck of his choom-clouds, Barack Obama knows this to be true. This truth of life also refutes the idea that the Left is even remotely for societal progress. Their earth-shattering (bad analogy?) non-argument of “Climate Change is real” contradicts their admission that the market will adapt to challenges, rendering their advocacy a toss-up between “sinister” vs. “incompetence.”


My guess? A strong cocktail of both.


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