If you “normally stay out of politics…”






Here’s why we can’t “all just get along.”

“You’re either in, or you’re out. Right now.” – George Clooney, Gone With The Wind (1978)

No, the above quote is not from “Gone With The Wind”, and neither GWTW nor this quote occurred anywhere near 1978. Sourced from 2001s “Oceans 11”, just 50% of this sub-headline is accurate, which potentially qualifies this entire story as blatantly #FAKEnews.


But since when has that mattered? Admittedly or not, we all know the who/what/where/when/why and how behind #FAKEnews, yet every few months we allow ourselves to be completely consumed by it. Blinded by passion and emotion to the point of unknowingly publicizing our hatred of our neighbors. To the point of inexplicably fearing them, while simultaneously provoking they who are to be feared.


Earlier this year, I had the privilege of speaking with Stefan Molyneux on his show FreeDomainRadio. Of the many invaluable insights I received from our talk, the events of this past weekend reminded me of one in particular:

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Politics…means a lot…(when people say) ‘Oh, we just have political differences.’ Well, I don’t think the difference between capitalism and communism is a ‘political difference.’ For you and I, it’s the difference between life and death. How am I going to do in a communist takeover? I’ll be the third person on the gallows! It’s life and death. How am I going to do in a brutal theocracy? NOT VERY WELL, is the answer. How am I going to do if I want to defy a law that the Leftists want, or have enacted? Well, I’m going to go to jail, and if I resist I’m going to get shot. So, politics is some serious f@$%&ng stuff. It’s life and death



…it’s bullets flying through the air, it’s people being arrested, it’s people being in jail where they can be raped and killed. It is serious, serious stuff. Now, political differences between free market people, LESS important. But political differences between Left and Right, between socialist and free market people? Massive. MASSIVE…”



Got it? We can’t “all just get along” when one group’s entire platform depends on us NOT getting along.


THIS IS A DIRECT MESSAGE to anyone who normally stays out of politics yet felt compelled within mere seconds of learning of Charlottesville to post on the incomplete story with total and utter confidence in the accuracy of the buzzwords being incessantly forced upon you from the moment you heard of the violence, straight through to the present. All of you legitimately good people, who simply wish to not be embroiled in the negativity that is life.


I don’t know precisely what happened in Charlottesville on Saturday. I don’t know who started the violence, and guess what?! NEITHER DO YOU. And neither does THE MEDIA! What most upsets me about this, however; neither you NOR the media care one bit about learning who started it. And THAT’S the biggest problem. Allow me to explain.



While speedy virtue-signaling was an imperative priority for you upon learning

of the Charlottesville tragedy, the following recent events you deliberately ignored:


– When good ‘ole Hillary was rocked with an email scandal for the ages, committing the same crimes her political opponents could and had routinely been JAILED for, you were content to refrain from posting on Facebook until well AFTER Jimmy C. told the world that despite multiple deliberate violations of the law, only an unreasonable prosecutor would pursue charges…because…he says so. Then?



  • “They’re all corrupt, how is she worse?! Look at Trump!” (Rationalization/Justification)
  • “They complain about spending but they’re wasting so much time and taxpayer money on a witch hunt just to get her!” (False equivalence)
    or even…
  • “Comey said it himself – she did NOTHING WRONG!” (Blatant, shocking ignorance)
*Also apply to the Clinton Body count, Clinton sale of Uranium to Russia, and/or virtually every Clinton scandal I don’t care to rehash, since you didn’t listen the 1st 150x



– When DNC staffer/Bernie Sanders supporter Seth Rich was murdered, shot in the back and you were presented with baseless statements “debunking” coincidence after coincidence, and any questions that had to do with finding the identity or potential motive of the killers, you were perfectly content staying out of politics, as there could be simply NO WAY corruption could exist to that level (outside of Hollywood, of course, where the greater the corruption, the more it’s glorified). After all, it was just a robbery! Those happen all the time in D.C. – right (hmmm…I wonder WHY?!)?



– When John Podesta’s emails revealed some extremely questionable material and citizen journalists exhausted their resources and reputations to try to answer the questions raised, #Pizzagate was the LAST thing we’d find on your timeline.

*I’ll admit, it sounds like an episode of Law & Order SVU,
but to this very day there’ve been no answers, yet
more and more questions – ain’t no WAY Ice-T accept ‘dat!


– When Obama lied about this, that, and the other…when he apologized to the world for everything and everyone that provided your way of life…when he spied on and jailed and targeted his political opponents…when he used taxpayer money to influence a foreign election, then colluded with foreign governments to influence our election…when he assembled, kindled, and lit the fire that is the current race war…when the Supreme Court tore up right-after-right-after-right at his behest…


you were silent.


Make no mistake. This is NOT empty “What-about-ism”.


You’re all very selective and careful online when someone on the Right pushes for truth and facts (i.e. what hurts the Left). But THE EXACT SECOND a bad, terrible, horrible thing happens which the media has specifically and deliberately covered to hurt the Right, you morph into a Dan Rather-Brian Williams hybrid (by way of stating as fact that which you have no direct knowledge of). You instantaneously “forget” that you normally stay out of politics, or perhaps you don’t even realize what you’ve posted does indeed make a serious political statement.


Ultimately, we’re left with two possible scenarios to consider when deciding whether or not to

post on the heinous horrors haphazardly happening in the streets in our country:


A.) If the Right is wrong about everything they’re mad about, no big deal, right? Things are actually pretty okay! The noise they make is nothing more than mere annoyance. Your daily grind, budgeted future, your personal “American Dream,” as it were – can resume its course uninhibited, and this even INCLUDES the misguided Right, as their deepest fears are simply figments of their imagination.


B.) If the Right is RIGHT about everything they’re mad about (or even anything), the implications are STAGGERING. Not only is an evil within our near-utopian country both real and present at the highest levels of our government, but it happened under YOUR watch! It happened in spite of your generations vast and unprecedented expansion of access to knowledge. You may be forced to press “pause” on your personal “American Dream“, for it might not exist much longer if this continues. Your world, as you know it, is not as it seems.

 – yah.


Which of these two scenarios seems more appealing, especially to those who normally stay out of politics? Don’t panic – not a trick question (phew)! It’s readily apparent why an innocent, optimistic American would chose the former without ever considering the possibility of the latter. It would be (and is) so much easier to adopt the reality offered where minimal-to-zero serious ramifications of our engagement exist – and this is PRECISELY, 100% the reality the dishonest media has always fed you.

This is why, while younormally stay out of politics, you see no harm whatsoever in posting on how terrible the people at #Charlottesville were, supplemented by #FAKEnews reports. This is why coordinated efforts by the establishment during any *all times of crisis deceptively seek to render your posting as not only harmless, not only part of the general consensus *doctrine, but also morally superior and just.


I get it. I understand. Really, I do. When one asks the painfully underutilized question of “WHY?”, however, one sees clearly why one could adopt this approach.


There’s a problem, though. That latter scenario, where the Right is RIGHT? That’s the real world. That’s the environment we actually live amongst. In fact, ours is the first civilization known to mankind that has even been able to achieve your level of total oblivious comfort (a complement, you’ll see in just a bit! KEEP READING!) required to deny this reality!


Before you choose to become upset, let me state that none of this is to say you are bad people – quite the contrary, in fact! If you wish to live your life free from this very-real level of intensity, please do so. We need people like you to stay people like you. After all, diminishing the individual’s constant worry over governmental issues was part of the goal of America and for her citizens in the first place! You’re what victory could look like, a sign of how close we can get. Who wouldn’t love to provide for our families, to pursue our lives and dreams free from evil interruption? We’d kill (phrasing?) to think like Negan, to live in a world where we don’t have to explain evil to our children.


Thankfully, I have a potential solution for you.




You know, like you said ya’ would back when someone you love tried to talk to you about it, but you wouldn’t ’cause of MUH’FEELZ!. Seriously, this is obviously not a fight you want. That’s fine. Let us shoulder the burden. Let those of us aware of the gravity of these issues, we who’ve staked our time, our reputations, our entire lives to the research and attention necessary to responsibly understand them…let us – who actually pay-freaking-attention! – fight the fight. We’re doing it for you too, after all!

“Either you’re in, or you’re out. Right now.”

But please…For The Love Of God…PLEASE refrain from contributing to the malicious, establishment-funded LIE you’re either knowingly or unknowingly spreading when you regurgitate #Charlottesville propaganda, because – whether you like it or not – it’s designed to oppress EVERYONE in the long run; NOT just the people you disagree with, but you and your FAMILIES, too. An evil necessary to employ the current tactics of the dishonest media doesn’t care one bit that you assisted it. It will snuff your voice out without a second thought – once powerful enough to be safe from repercussions, of course.


“But Bogme, things are NOT so black & white! Everything is on a spectrum – The Science Guy said so! – and some people can be good at HEART despite being on the wrong side, and, ‘member ‘Munich?’, and… and…” blah, blah, blah. I do understand where that “argument” comes from (more of a “hope,” really). But without a convincing explanation of how or why this applies to politics, I simply cannot share in its assertions.

*There’s also that pesky issue of your posts (being rife with manufactured talking points and buzzwords [credit: Hollywood]), using verifiably false propaganda specifically intended to hurt ME. That is, Conservatives (real ones, duh).


I won’t lie. We could use your help. We could use your attention, your minds. It is, after all, a war of information, a battle of ideas. Part of what has allowed us to reach even this point as a nation was that our offspring grew up around these values of individual liberty, meaning they’re within us. They’ve become a part of us. We think we know what things would be like without these values, without America. We think we know that the world was bad before all this, and that we couldn’t EVER regress so far. I contest that we have NO IDEA just how bad it was, or we’d think twice before publicly condemning half of us as solely responsible for why we can’t “all just get along.”


If any of this piece has struck a nerve, good. It’s real, and it’s terrifying. Should you find these arguments valid, however, it warms me to inform you that most on the Right are totally willing to explain our positions for as long as it takes to be understood, rather than simply followed or completely misinterpreted. If you disagree with our positions, there’s really no problem, so long as they’re accurately understood. We don’t particularly like empty, blind allegiance alongside us on the battlefield of ideas (even if we sometimes get it :/ ). The stakes are much too dire to risk an emotionally-induced mutiny or sabotage. As Stef said – it’s life and death.


But if you want to “stay out of politics”…





Because right now, you’re not helping a damn thing.

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