Anyone Miss Trump As Much As I Did?

Is Daddy Home Yet?



As President Trump returned from his two-week trip to southeast Asia, one can’t help but be proud of how our beautiful nation was represented. Many in his circle are declaring victory, pouring rave reviews onto The Donald for the relationship-building clinic he just put on – one which, of course, was totally lost on Leftists, as they haven’t had a genuine human interaction in three generations (I think they’ve evolved eye contact completely OUT of their DNA).


These past two weeks were a far cry from President Obama’s 8 year effort to convince the world they thought of us how Leftists think of us, and how Leftists THINK they think of us. There was no bowing to enemies, – or if there was, nobody saw it over the giant red-carpet-flag-waving-parade-walking welcomes offered by each visited nation – no apologizing for tranny-revised historical achievements of America. No, these last two weeks simply brought supporters more of the same from good ‘ole Daddy Trump: AMERICA FIRST.


Yes, there are still many problems. If you choose to live in Ben-Shapiro-World, you could focus on the lack of any major legislation being passed by the Trump Administration. This would be forgetting who HASN’T put anything on his desk to pass. This is the focus of the old “game”, the old rules.


The Shapiro (and Establishment) argument is that the lack of legistlative achievements is Trump’s fault for not “showing leadership to Congress.” This evasive garbage usually comes from those who call themselves “Congressional Leadership.” They can go to hell (any day now, McCain…any day now…). We all saw School House Rock. We know how frigging laws are made.

I, for one, am absolutely thrilled with “no new laws.” I don’t care about winning as the Establishment defines it. One could quite easily get lost in the rhetoric of The News™, worrying about percentage points embedded in tax plans, opinion polls about peoples’ opinion of the polls, the “Who-raped-who-who-raped-who?!?!”, sucking your thumb in the corner waiting for another mass shooting to politicize – in other words, one could get sucked directly back into the swamp that is/was to be drained!


Obviously most of that is important, but I’m going to resist the urge as much as humanly possible. Right now, President Trump is taking care of us – his family – to the best of his ability. He’s doing everything within his power to keep his promises. While that power is (gloriously) limited by the Constitution, each day of delays further exposes who the real traitors are *cough*RINOs*cough*. But no one can argue that each and every minute he hasn’t been fighting those who don’t want his promises kept. Trump is “80s-90s Dad”, away on business negotiating with major clients. He’d much rather be home, and we’d much rather have him home, but hey – somebody’s gotta’ take care of the family. And I love it.


When I was much younger, my father travelled a lot for work. No, I’m not self-victimizing or claiming psycho-babble SJW-PTSD from it, simply stating a fact. One of my fonder memories of the time was Dad bringing me a shot glass from every city he went to – all the more hilarious because we did not drink, and I didn’t even know what a shot glass was for! While my family completely understood why the travel was necessary, we always missed him while he was away.


I couldn’t help but feel that same way on Tuesday. Mr. Trump, our dear God-Emperor President, was doing great work while he was away on business. But…did anyone else miss him? I know I did. I couldn’t wait for him to be back on American soil, where he belongs.


It’s time, papa. Welcome home. Your family missed you!


I just hope he brought me a souvenir.


(maybe Little Rocket Man’s balls…in a North Korea shot glass?)


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